Wednesday, 6 February 2013

History of Laundromats!

A self-service laundry, coin laundry or coin wash is a facility where clothes are washed and dried. They are known in the United Kingdom as launderettes or laundrettes, and in the United States, Canada, and Australia as Laundromats.

First Coin operated Laundromat:
The first UK launderette (alternative spelling: "laundrette") was opened on 9 May 1949 in Queensway (London).[4] UK launderettes are mainly fully automated, coin operated and are either manned or unmanned. Some may be manned during fewer hours than the operating time each week.[citation needed] They are generally found only in urban and suburban areas and have been common features of urban life since the 1960s.

Laundromat in India:
The concept of Laundromat, self-service laundry  is introduced by Quick Clean Private Ltd in India. With chain of Laundromats across India, Quick Clean is already making waves and providing a hygienic, clean and economical laundry solution to people in several parts of the country.
Self-laundry industry is approx 60 years old with U.S. a biggest market with around 35,000 coin laundries and 8,70,000 machines. In India, current demand of laundry outsourcing is pegged at 5,200 cr (KPMG study). With crude, unhygienic washing methods & help getting expensive in India, self service laundry has huge potential and Quick Clean Laundromats is bang there!
Quick Clean Laundromats not only takes away the laundry hassle but also contributes in environment protection by saving water & electricity. Laundromats consume less water & electricity as compared to domestic machines used in homes. We provide a variety of services, like: 
     Wash – Dry – Fold
Too busy to spend hours washing laundry? Let us wash-dry-fold your laundry. Bring your bag of laundry to us and we will wash, dry and neatly fold your clothes. You can collect your folded laundry as per your convenience on the same day during our working hours. 

 You wash – we dry and fold
Do you have time to wash at home but struggle to get the clothes on the line? You can reduce the cost but still have all the benefits of a laundry service by dropping off your clean, wet laundry and we will dry and neatly fold. 

 Do It Yourself
If you prefer washing laundry on your own, come to any of our outlet. It just needs 4 minutes of yours to load and take out your laundry from our easy to operate machines. Rest of the time you can enjoy your favourite music, watch tv, read magazines, go online with our free wi-fi, or chit chat with friends in an air-conditioned lounge. 

 Pick-up & delivery
We come and pick your soiled laundry and deliver clean folded laundry right at your doorstep. We save your valuable time so that you do the things you enjoy doing!
Do visit Quick Clean’s wide chain of Laundromats and experience the new way of doing laundry, hassle free and Quick. Click here <> to locate a Laundromat near you today.

How to use a Laundromat?

Whether you find yourself needing to use a Laundromat for regular laundry needs every week or only once in a while to wash something extra bulky or large, there are a few things to do to make sure that your Laundromat trips are a success. Learn how to use a Laundromat and come home with clean and sweet smelling clothes.    

1. Sort your clothing before you leave home. Organize your dirty laundry into the loads you will be washing and place the loads of laundry that will be washed into separate containers or bags for transporting. Check pockets and sort them into three bags: whites, bright colors and darks.  You may use laundry baskets or garbage bags to transport.

2. When you get to the Laundromat, place your items together on a counter, weigh the clothes on weighing machine inside the store to find out which capacity of washer to use

3. Haul your laundry to your selected machines and open the washer.

4. Read any specific instructions for operating the washers to completely familiarize yourself with the use and operation of the washers.

5. Load your dirty laundry into the washers according to your loads that you previously separated. Close the washers and add the necessary detergent. Select the water temperature and washing cycle desired (cotton, permanent press, delicate, etc.).

6. Swipe the smart card to start the washer / Place the necessary coins into the washer.. Note the length of the washing cycle to know when the cycle will be over.

7. Find a chair and keep yourself busy with whatever you brought to occupy yourself while you wait. Access the free wifi, chat with friends, have some coffee or watch T.V.

8. Remove your washed clothing when the washing machine cycles have finished. Transfer the wet clothes back to the baskets available at Laundromat and find available dryers.

9. Load your wet laundry into the dryers you cleaned and prepared, along with a dryer sheet if you use them. Select your drying heat level and place the smart card / necessary coins into the dryer. Make sure each dryer begins to operate. Note the length of time the dryers will run.

10. Check your clothes in the dryers as the time when they will be finished gets close. Determine whether you will need to add more coins for longer drying times or whether your clothes will be sufficiently dried. Add more coins if necessary.

11. Remove your clothing when everything has dried. Fold each item of clothing as you remove it from the dryer and place directly into your container for transporting the laundry.

Still have confusions/questions? Our store manager will be happy to help you!
Sounds easy? Do visit a Quick Clean Laundromat near you to have a superior hassle free laundry experience. Click here to know more about us.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Why do you need a Laundromat?

Over New Years, we make a lot of resolutions; things we want to achieve, ways we’d like to better ourselves, bad habits we should drop. Let’s think about making some changes in our daily routine this year……
We are going to discuss on the most insignificant task of one’s daily routine: Doing Laundry. In our busy lives do we really have the time and the mind of doing laundry on our own? There is laundry everywhere and little time to do it. So who do you rely on for your laundry? Maid? Helper? Washer?
What if we tell you about the most fun and hassle free way of doing laundry! Yes you guessed it right, we are talking about Laundromat services. Now, to Laundromat or not to Laundromat.. that is the question we are going to focus on today. 

         1.  If  you are a student living alone, You need a Laundromat: Living alone and managing studies is in itself is a big task. Where is the time for laundry???

    2.   If you are a working mother, You need a Laundromat: Do you waste the little time you get from work and other household chores doing laundry? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to switch to a Laundromat.

3.   If you are an expecting mother, You need a Laundromat: Your health and mental peace is your biggest challenge at this point of time. Why would you waste the little time left for yourself doing laundry

      4.   If you have a maid for your laundry, You need a Laundromat: Now, we don’t even wish to throw light on this one. We all know how the maids work these days. And if they do work fine *sometimes* ..  isn’t it hard to deal with their daily tantrums? If you are wasting the little free time you have, negotiating with your household maid, then we suggest you to give the Laundromat near you a try.

      5.   If you don’t have a washing machine, You need a Laundromat: Do you still rely on the old school way of doing laundry, let us tell you, handwashing is not a solution to you laundry. Your laundry needs that extra attention and special care, why not give Quick Clean Laundromat a try?

Do you fall in any of the above category? Even if you don’t fall in any of the above mentioned categories, you should give Quick Clean Laundromat near you a try and experience a Quick and different way of doing laundry. Click here to try our services today.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Introduction to Quick Clean Laundromats

Quick Clean Private Ltd is the 1st company to introduce the concept of Laundromats, self-service laundry, in India.  Quite young (established in 2010), we already have a large chain of Laundromatsacross India.
Let us tell you something about the concept of Quick Clean Laundromat, It is a concept where any soiled / stained laundry can be washed and 100% dried in a clean & hygienic environment in just an hour. What makes us unique is we provide our customers with the services they desire and deserve; high quality "state of the art" Electrolux Professional Laundry equipment, personal assistance, "wash & fold" drop off service, air conditioned environment and assortment of entertainment options.

Three reasons that will make you love Quick Clean Laundromat:

1.     Quick. It just needs 4 minutes of yours to load and take out your laundry from our easy to operate machines. You get washed clothes in an hours time. Rest of the time you can enjoy your favourite music, watch tv, read magazines, go online with our free wi-fi, or chit chat with friends in an air-conditioned lounge.

2.     Cost.  By the time you add up the cost of purchasing a high quality washer and dryer, the cost of running your washer and dryer, the cost of laundry detergent, and the cost of your time to do the laundry, in almost every situation you end up financially ahead by choosing us to take care of your laundry for you.

3.     Professional Results.  Our speciality is dealing with your laundry, so we have developed techniques and a wash process to make sure your clothes are gently cleaned, stains are removed, and your clothes are returned to you in pristine condition.

We invite you to have a look at Quick Clean services and to locate a service station near you, click here and experience the world of Quick Clean Laundromat! Happy Washing.